Mudkiss is now an archived site, there will be no more updates. Mudkiss operated from 2008 till 2013.


2008 - 2013
Cover design/photo by Melanie Smith
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing - Helen Keller
Mudkiss is no longer updated, we closed the site in Dec 2013 after five years of hard work, success and fun. It is now here as an archive site, so please feel free to browse around our vast archive.
Mudkiss owner + Editor Melanie Smith is now a Freelance photographer, plus Head of Photography at John Robb's music website Louder Than War.

"My love of music brought me into contact with some amazingly creative people and very often really nice too. I'm sure I can speak for others when I say collectively we've had some amazing experiences. Lots of opportunities fell into our lap, like taking part in a radio show, then being offered our very own Mudkiss show, a regular slot on a TV program (which was decline for location reasons), organising a successful, one off live music showcase, not to mention self publishing four Mudkiss interview books, from the interview archives. A photographic calendar  published each year featuring Mudkiss photography. I think we can hand on heart say we achieved everything and more we ever hoped to when myself and Lorraine Reeves set out on our little hobby back in June 2008." Melanie Smith Dec 2013
And it's been both a pleasure and privilege to be a part of the roller coaster journey into the music industry, and I'd like to end with a few words from former Managing Editor Andy Barnes who when I told him the news a while back said so fittingly ' it's like the end of an era'
Nina Antonia: "It is sad that you are shutting down Mudkiss but at the same time you are leaving something incredibly worthwhile behind."
Shay Rowan:

Melanie Smith along with her friend Lorraine Reeves took an idea and turned it into a reality that went on to not just fulfil their own dreams but also those of many more of us who live our lives in awe of those who are blessed with the talents to work their magic through music, theatre, dance, literature and various other art forms. 

Mel is massively talented and hugely respected and for anyone who has yet to check out her work then here you go.

What you have achieved has been nothing short of amazing and in creating and developing Mudkiss in the way that you have you not only did something to be proud of for yourself but gave a host of 'ordinary' music lovers like myself a chance to see what they could do in a way that, I for one, never saw possible.

In Mel I found a friend, a kindred spirit, an inspiration and one of the loveliest people that I have ever known. Thanks petal it's been an honour! xxx

Tributes, and messages have been flooding in: (I'll treasure every word)
Lorraine Reeves: Crazy to think that Mel was initially reluctant and took a little persuading to start our own little 'zine back in 2008. 6 years on and it stands testament to her sheer hard work, dedication and determination. I think we would both agree that the experience has shaped our lives in no small way. It was an honour to have met so many wonderful people along the way. I wish Mel every success with her future projects. Big Love to all the Mudkiss Family and especially to Mel, a force to be reckoned with.

Eva Jostakova: Writing and later editing for Mudkiss has been one of the most enjoyable rides I've ever jumped on. It gave me an opportunity to meet and interview some fantastic bands and artists, not to mention interviewing one of my musical heroes. THANK YOU Mudkiss and Melanie Smith for all the amazing experiences and for making me part of the team. I'm forever grateful.
Andy Barnes: Sad news Mel. Mudkiss really has been a great thing to be involved with and given me some amazing memories. 
Chumki Banerjee: Mudkiss is cooler than a cat with shades and don't you dare wish for a quiet life. It has been an absolute honour to be involved with such a fabulous project. Chumki xxxx

Den Browne:
Mudkiss made so many of my dreams happen - writing about music, doing radio shows, meeting people like Vic Godard, JC Carroll & many more... the first Mudkiss coming together at Belushi's ... made so many friends... good luck to everyone involved in future - do it the Mudkiss way!
Mary O'Meara: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review so many things for Mudkiss in the last year. It's been wonderful and I've seen a few gigs I never would have otherwise!

Gareth Allen: It has been a real privilege and a joy to be part of the Mudkiss family, and to contribute to such a fantastic music magazine. I have also learnt so much in a very short time from your generous advice. One of the things I really liked about Mudkiss is the recognition of the creativity and contribution of women within music, that is rare in the music press and to be treasured.

Lee McFadden: Mudkiss was, is, and always will be the best mag to write for - you've been fantastic. I'll never have the support, understanding and encouragement anywhere that I've had at Mudkiss. You've been all I could ask of a literary boss - and more besides.

Paul Hastings: Well, guess its official now so I can be officially gutted. I would like to say how grateful I am to you for the opportunities over the last year or have literally allowed me to fulfil some of my ambitions that I had pretty much given up on. Will be raising a toast, or two!!, in honour of mudkiss tonight.

Anne Johanna: THANK YOU for everything you've done for me. I've really enjoyed the great variety of music that you cover, it's been perfect for someone like me who likes so many different kinds of music. All the best for your new adventures and I will keep enjoying looking at your photos.

Brett Dunford:It will be sad to see the place go quiet, but what a database you've left. And who knows what the future holds, eh? It has been a pleasure writing for Mudkiss and I salute all who sailed in her. <raises glass>
Colleen Caffeine: Honoured to be a part of your photo history and thrilled to be a part of your futures too!
STP Records - Stu Taylor: Some fine people, some fine times. Good to see the site being kept alive as an archive,who knows further down the line....but for now 100% behind you on the Photography. Thank you Mudkiss Fanzine for your belief in STP,appreciated as you know.
Vic Godard: Thanks Mudkiss Fanzine, sorry to see you go.
Doug Watson: Over the past five years one little place of musical refuge I stumbled upon and liked it so much that it became a vital port of call was Mudkiss Fanzine. Each issue was filled with great interviews, the finest reviews of concerts and album releases, excellent photography and spotlights upon some truly creative folk from the world of the arts and literature. Just discovered that they are hanging up their hats so I'd like to thank Melanie Smith and all the team from Mudkiss for creating a little something that was way better to read than the NME. Read Goodnight Mudkiss
David Wynn: Always impressed and amazed with the job you did with Mudkiss, Mel. Will miss it but I'm really pleased you will have the opportunity to do the thing you love most. I'm sure you will go from strength to strength with that. Good luck !!
Adam Sharp: I'm very sad Mudkiss will be finishing as it is such a great site. You should be very proud of everything you've done with it. Thank you again for all the lovely things you've done in support of me and my book this year. Coming into contact with you has been one of the true blessings of 2013 for me.
Mike Bee: It's strange to think of any of our musical adventures with The 66 or the Phoenix, without Mudkiss documenting them in some from, be it a review, interview, etc it's a loss to the music world, but what an archive you have! Like a monument in time. All the best Mel, Mike x
Gerry Ranson: That's sad. But thanks for all your support. In a short time Mudkiss managed to forge a very distinct identity. Wishing you every success with the photography and whatever else you and your contributors get up to in the future.
Stella Grundy: I was honoured to be interviewed for Mudkiss Fanzine by Nicky Crewe and photographed by Shay Rowan. Thanks so much for the opportunity Melanie Smith and congratulations and all your hard work xx
Sukie Smith: I am very sad to see you go .... I was very proud to be on your radar. I wish you huge good things for the future x
Bill Cummings: RIP Mudkiss great Magazine.
"Mudkiss is one of the best documents of the punk generation growing up and onwards..." - John Robb [ writer/commentator/singer with Goldblade]

"Mudkiss is a labour of lust and love- Kris Needs [freelance writer/ Former editor of Zigzag Magazine]

"Mudkiss is a proper little old school fanzine (er, except on the web) with all the enthusiasm and honest to goodness doing it for the kids principles that entails" Alex Ogg (Freelance writer - The Times, Classic Rock, Record Collector, Big Cheese

"Reminiscent of a telephone conversation at 2am between old friends, Mudkiss has a feminine, conversational quality yet they are collating a cultural dossier that is both glossy and ephemeral"- Nina Antonia [writer & author of 'In Cold Blood' - Johnny Thunders]

"If you're looking for those superstar portraits look no further - Melanie Smith is the coolest photographer in the UK" - Keith Levene [Ex PIL/The Clash]
"You've so quickly become my favourite live photographer" - Helen Donlon, (writer and publisher)
"I've seen some of your stuff - amazing - very suggestive, gorgeous photography.You have it Melanie Smith!" - Joe Stevens [Photographer]

"Mel's photography captures the thrill that you can only get from live music… it's the next best thing to being there!" Andy Von Pip [Von Pip Musical Express]

"Anyone can take a photo but only a handful can capture a moment....thank you Melanie Smith for doing just that in our debut play of "Careful what you wish for" - Martin Finnegan [The Rainband]
From our interviewees:

"Its always nice to get asked intelligent questions by people who know their subject, and Mudkiss certainly know me!" - Cheers, Roddy Byers [The Specials]

"The cross over in subjects and intelligent approach made my interview with Mudkiss a refreshing pleasure, very enjoyable" - Rick Buckler [The Jam]

From our readers:

"Mudkiss your site is a treasure-trove for music enthusiast! Absolutely love it! Lorenzo [Twitter]

"First time i've been on your site but after that you are straight in my favourites. Thank you!!" - Craig Cadman

"One of best written reviews I have seen no wonder NME are down to 20,000 - I have never read this sort of thing in NME".  - Dean

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